Welcome to Danielson Real Estate


Danielson is a financial services and investment firm which manages rental properties in Ottawa and Aylmer. If you are an investor, please enquire regarding the various opportunities we have available.

Danielson Real Estate believes in making your life easier and that you deserve to receive compelling services.

When you sign a lease with us, you are much more than tenants, you become part of our family!

That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency service. We will show up as soon as possible to find a solution to your problem. When life gets complicated, rest assured we will be there to help you!

Our partners


By choosing Danielson Real Estate, you are not just choosing a home or an investment: you are choosing a trusted partner.

We know how difficult looking for a new home can be, especially when it’s related to another big change in your life, like getting a new job. That is why we offer much more than well-located apartments and condos: we aim to provide a pleasant living environment.

Whether you are into sports or have artistic aspirations, Aylmer is your kind of town. Your evenings and weekends will never be boring as you are discovering the bike paths surrounding the town or exploring the art galleries and coffee shops lining Main Street.

Also, if you are an investor, you will be happy to know the region is experiencing significant growth, which means there are many attractive business opportunities available to you.

Of course, we do not rely solely on real estate to achieve a stable return. We also offer a wide diversity of complementary financial services, ranging from mortgages to exchange-traded funds, to help you achieve your investment goals.

Whatever you need, we will be there to support you. Let our expertise be your guide.